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We are happy to report that there is a new director, Executive Steering Committee, fulltime staff, and now both the mandate and funding to make things happen! We have already received a positive response to these changes, and as a result we are experiencing an increase in membership and communication with our chapters. We acknowledge that SALUTE National had issues with continuity of service in the past and are determined to provide the highest level of service to you and all SALUTE members.

SALUTE National Constitution (revised 3.15.2018) 


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Induction Ceremonies: feel free to adjust the invitation, application and commencement templates to fit your own chapter’s needs. 


  • Lessons Learned - please let me know what other lessons you want to learn from other as you develop your ceremonies
  • SALUTE Deck Log - Courtesy of University of Massachusetts - Lowell

  • DeVry University - Addison Campus Induction Ceremony     DeVry University Induction Ceremony

Our online marketplace is available at: to see our initial selection. More items to come.

This page is currently under construction while the necessary documents are being prepared. As each piece comes online, they will be posted here:

Policy Manual
Executive Steering Committee Policy
Sample Chapter Bylaws
Code of Conduct
Conflict of Interest 
Removal of Officers Policy
Document Retention & Destruction Policy
and many, many more!

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